Watching a dream come alive!

Event Matterz & Services believes in watching and hearing your dream event, as realistically surreal as it can get. We at Event Matterz & Services possess some of the best audio and visual aids that powers every event with our very well maintained systems. This process avoids any interference from outsourced vendors of the equipment leading to a seamless event flow much desired by you. In a nutshell, we are the perfect solution for all your end-to-end requirements for an event starting from production & designing till the very end execution.

The house of many machines!

Event Matterz & Services is the home to the best in market Pro sound and Stage lighting equipment with a line of products to suit every occasion. We match our equipment with your requirement, be it a conference or a live concert. Our state of the art systems include products by the industry giants such as JBL, Nexo, L-acoustic Line array’s. We also house the best stage lighting and display equipment such as the LED walls, curtains, LCD projectors & high end screens/monitors and other technical devices that are a must have for every event.

At Event Matterz, we provide the best in class production setup

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